Travelling From London To Ukraine: Get Ready For Your Trip

Ukraine, and mainly Kiev, are popular travelling destinations for people living in the UK. More and more people are coming to Kiev every year. The city has become very interesting for many reasons. It is a nice European city with numerous excellent cafes and restaurants. It has a lot of things to offer to tourists. If you are planning to visit Kiev, start preparation and collect information, starting with flights.

Flights to Kiev from London

There is a very good connection between Kiev and London. Travelers are offered a long list of flights to choose. It is worth remembering that there are two airports in Kiev – Kiev Zhuliany, located in the city, and Kiev Borispol, located out of the city. The best option is to choose a direct flight to Kiev Zhuliany. There are two direct flights from London to Kiev Ukraine. The first one is from London Luton airport. The other flight is from London City airport. The average duration of both flights from London to Kiev Ukraine is 3h 30 min. Flights are operated by Ryanair or Wizzair. It is a convenient route as there is no need to waste time on commuting.

There are also direct flights operated by other companies such as British Airways and Ukraine International Airlines. These air carriers are flying to Kiev Borispol airport.

Transfer flights

Direct flights give possibility to save time but not always money. They are a bit more expensive. Travelers with limited budget usually book transfer flights. It takes more time, but transfer flights are much cheaper. Brussels Airlines, SWISS, and KLM are flying from London to Kiev on a regular basis. On the bright side, transfer flights give a great opportunity to visit other cities. Thus, you can spend a wonderful day in Amsterdam, when travelling with KLM. If you surf the Net, you might find other airlines flying to Kiev from other European cities. In such a way, correct travel planning will add another European city on your list.

Time and currency

Travelers should be informed that there is time zone difference between two countries. When flying to Ukraine, you need to add + 2 hours. If it is 9am in London, it is 11 am in Ukraine. As far as local currency is concerned, one should know that it is not euro but hryvnia. Only local currency is accepted in the shops and public transport. However, travelers from the UK can easily exchange money at the airport. It is recommended to check customs rules to know how much money one can bring to the country in cash without declaring.


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