Mobile Phones On The Board Of The Plane: Things You Need To Know

When you travel by plane, you are always told to turn off your mobile phone and other electronic devices. You can also set it into flight mode. Most people do it without complaining but there are always many people, who neglect this request. The flight attendant is not checking everyone’s phone. This is a matter of your own safety. Is it crucial? Is it really necessary to switch all devices?

The Truth About Mobile Devices

If someone asks you why you switch your phone, you will probably say that they interfere with the pilot’s system. It is a general assumption that the signal can somehow affect navigation system. However, some flight attendants say that it is more a precaution. This idea is backed up by the words of some pilots. For instance, old laptops emit energy that can be hazardous. This increases the risk but does not mean that something will necessarily happen. In fact, interference of cell phones that could be heard by the pilots in the headsets, reminds the sound that you can hear from the radio affected by the phone. Just imagine how much it irritates the pilots, if at least 5 people on the plane do not switch off their phones.