Guide For Passengers With Special Needs

There is no doubt that people with special needs have all rights to have a comfortable and enjoyable flight like everybody else.

Air carriers and airports throughout the world provide a wide range of services for people with special needs and disabilities to make their flight comfortable and eliminate all possible concerns and inconveniences.

A great number of people, sometimes, are not even aware about these services, how to order those and when to apply, and that fact may lead to certain issues and misunderstandings.

We have researched many different air carriers and devised a list of various options that you or your relatives can apply for to ease flights and make them enjoyable.

  • Flyers with physical disabilities. If you are a passenger with a physical disability and need additional help from the staff during air travel and ground service, you can always pre-order it by calling your air carrier or the airport customer service at least 90 minutes before the take-off. The services include a provision of wheelchairs and crutches, the full guidance and support by airport staff and escort to the plane. In some cases, you may be taken on a separate bus before the actual check-in to make sure you get to your seat comfortably.
  • Pregnant women and newborn children. It is very important to remember that according to a lot of different policies among air carriers it is prohibited to take flights if a woman is pregnant beyond her 35th week and if it is less than 7 days after pregnancy. Newborn babies before 7 days are also not allowed to take flights so it is very important to take that into considerations upon booking your air tickets.
  • Blind and deaf passengers. Blind and deaf passengers are eligible for special care and this particular service can be ordered at least 90 minutes in advance. Such passengers will be provided a staff member that will guide him or her to the flight zone and provide all the necessary help to make the flight comfortable.
  • Additional Oxygen. Some air carriers provide portable oxygen concentrators for the passengers in need, but usually, such service must be applied for at least 48 hours before the take-off. It might happen that your air carrier does not have this particular service, but allows passengers to bring their own. In that case, it is needed to apply for a permission of carriage at least 48 hours in advance as well since, in fact, oxygen containers are usually prohibited on board and it is necessary for your service provider to prepare for such instances.

So, as you can see, there is a wide range of different services that your air carrier or the airport may provide for passengers in need. It is very important to contact the airport staff to get all the additional information, as most of those services cannot be provided on the spot and must be pre-ordered in advance.

You can always ask your friends or relatives to give them a call for you and arrange everything so you can get on board without any problems and enjoy your flight to the destination.

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