6 Annoying Things You Should Never Do on a Plane

Have you ever been annoyed by something that other passengers did on a plane?

There are quite a few things that people tend to do on airplanes that they probably shouldn’t do because of how annoying that seems to be for other passengers. It is not something major. It’s just a personal behaviour that can be reconsidered if you’re on a plane traveling with other people around. You should respect the passengers that you’re travelling with.

Mobile Phones On The Board Of The Plane: Things You Need To Know

When you travel by plane, you are always told to turn off your mobile phone and other electronic devices. You can also set it into flight mode. Most people do it without complaining but there are always many people, who neglect this request. The flight attendant is not checking everyone’s phone. This is a matter of your own safety. Is it crucial? Is it really necessary to switch all devices?