6 Annoying Things You Should Never Do on a Plane

Have you ever been annoyed by something that other passengers did on a plane?

There are quite a few things that people tend to do on airplanes that they probably shouldn’t do because of how annoying that seems to be for other passengers. It is not something major. It’s just a personal behaviour that can be reconsidered if you’re on a plane traveling with other people around. You should respect the passengers that you’re travelling with.

Have you ever done something that annoyed the passenger around you? If you’ are not sure, check the list below.

Things that Annoy Passengers on a Plane

As we have already mentioned, there are a lot of irritating and funny things that happen on a plane that really annoy the passengers around. So, if you travel a lot, check the next six things you should avoid doing on a plane in order not to annoy the passengers around.

  • Kicking a seat. Never kick a seat that is in front of you. Many people don’t do it on purpose, but because of how anxious and nervous they are on a plane. Even if you are afraid to fly, make sure it doesn’t influence the passengers around. Don’t kick a seat in front of you because of nerves or how bored you are.
  • Too loud music. Even if you wear headphones, make sure music is not too loud to annoy the passengers next to you, not allowing them to fall asleep or read a book.
  • Loud talk. In case you travel with a friend or family, don’t talk too loud. People who discuss their personal life or problems in the way, which disturbs someone else’s activity, considered to be one of the most annoying triggers on a plane ever.
  • Control your knees. Airlines try to fit as many people as possible, so usually, there is enough space for a passenger to sit in a normal way. That’s why it is always annoying if you lean back in the way, which is definitely comfortable for you but not the passenger in the front of you. Don’t push your knees right into the back of the seat. Leave some space if it is possible.
  • Feet between the seats. Don’t place your feet between the seats. A plane seat is not a bed. If you put your feet on someone else’s seat, you risk getting into a conflict.
  • Don’t pull a seat in front of you. This happens a lot when a passenger decides to stand up. Thus he or she uses a seat in front as a support. Don’t do it if you can easily stand up by yourself.

These are only the basic things you should always avoid doing on a plane if you don’t want to annoy other people on board or have conflicts with them. Maybe you can add something else?

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