Guide For Passengers With Special Needs

There is no doubt that people with special needs have all rights to have a comfortable and enjoyable flight like everybody else.

Air carriers and airports throughout the world provide a wide range of services for people with special needs and disabilities to make their flight comfortable and eliminate all possible concerns and inconveniences.

A great number of people, sometimes, are not even aware about these services, how to order those and when to apply, and that fact may lead to certain issues and misunderstandings.

We have researched many different air carriers and devised a list of various options that you or your relatives can apply for to ease flights and make them enjoyable.

6 Annoying Things You Should Never Do on a Plane

Have you ever been annoyed by something that other passengers did on a plane?

There are quite a few things that people tend to do on airplanes that they probably shouldn’t do because of how annoying that seems to be for other passengers. It is not something major. It’s just a personal behaviour that can be reconsidered if you’re on a plane traveling with other people around. You should respect the passengers that you’re travelling with.

Have you ever done something that annoyed the passenger around you? If you’ are not sure, check the list below.

Things that Annoy Passengers on a Plane

As we have already mentioned, there are a lot of irritating and funny things that happen on a plane that really annoy the passengers around. So, if you travel a lot, check the next six things you should avoid doing on a plane in order not to annoy the passengers around.

Mobile Phones On The Board Of The Plane: Things You Need To Know

When you travel by plane, you are always told to turn off your mobile phone and other electronic devices. You can also set it into flight mode. Most people do it without complaining but there are always many people, who neglect this request. The flight attendant is not checking everyone’s phone. This is a matter of your own safety. Is it crucial? Is it really necessary to switch all devices?

The Truth About Mobile Devices

If someone asks you why you switch your phone, you will probably say that they interfere with the pilot’s system. It is a general assumption that the signal can somehow affect navigation system. However, some flight attendants say that it is more a precaution. This idea is backed up by the words of some pilots. For instance, old laptops emit energy that can be hazardous. This increases the risk but does not mean that something will necessarily happen. In fact, interference of cell phones that could be heard by the pilots in the headsets, reminds the sound that you can hear from the radio affected by the phone. Just imagine how much it irritates the pilots, if at least 5 people on the plane do not switch off their phones.

Travelling From London To Ukraine: Get Ready For Your Trip

Ukraine, and mainly Kiev, are popular travelling destinations for people living in the UK. More and more people are coming to Kiev every year. The city has become very interesting for many reasons. It is a nice European city with numerous excellent cafes and restaurants. It has a lot of things to offer to tourists. If you are planning to visit Kiev, start preparation and collect information, starting with flights.

Flights to Kiev from London

There is a very good connection between Kiev and London. Travelers are offered a long list of flights to choose. It is worth remembering that there are two airports in Kiev – Kiev Zhuliany, located in the city, and Kiev Borispol, located out of the city. The best option is to choose a direct flight to Kiev Zhuliany. There are two direct flights from London to Kiev Ukraine. The first one is from London Luton airport. The other flight is from London City airport. The average duration of both flights from London to Kiev Ukraine is 3h 30 min. Flights are operated by Ryanair or Wizzair. It is a convenient route as there is no need to waste time on commuting.